Dear customers and partners,

unfortunately, the novel corona virus (COVID-19) has now spread from China to many other countries and it can be assumed that the number of infections will continue to increase. We are committed to supporting our government’s efforts to curb the spread of the virus.

This affects our operational processes as well as that of many other industries. We strive to meet the requirements of our customers and partners as best we can in this tense situation and to minimize the impact on our operational processes.

It is all the more important for us to provide you as our customers and partners with the best possible and regular information about our current situation.

The health and protection of our colleagues is our top priority.
– Our employees have been trained in compliance with basic and effective, preventive hygiene measures and are required to immediately inform their superiors and contact their family doctor if they have flu-like symptoms.
– All door handles and regularly used items are disinfected in our building several times a day

“The health and protection of our colleagues is our top priority.”

– Josef Schumacher

– External entrepreneurs and drivers have also been informed about adhering to our preventive hygiene measures. Contact has been reduced to a minimum. It is no longer permitted to enter our buildings.

– Our administration has been reduced to a minimum of employees at all locations. Home office is made possible for our employees. The workplaces in our office areas have been rectified so that a minimum distance of several meters is always guaranteed.

We would like to be a trustworthy partner for you even in these times of general crisis and ask you to contact us immediately if you have any questions.