Quality and product safety

Certified according to IFS Logistics (International Feature Standard)


Quality and safety have always been very important to our company. Deficiencies must be quickly analyzed, corrected and eliminated, particularly in today’s world.

Extensive quality assurance measures in all areas of the company ensure smooth processes and safe handling of the goods. Compliance with all requirements of the HACCP standard (Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Points) through certification according to IFS Logistics have been met at a higher level since the company was founded.

High quality of our services is one of our top corporate goals. The customer sets the standard for our quality, because the customer’s judgment about our services is decisive.



The quality of all our services is transparent for our customers!


The integration of preventive quality assurance measures in the operational processes serves to avoid and exclude product and service errors as well as liability risks. The aim of these measures is to limit the risk for our customers, our company and all employees in the company. The general review of all contracts prior to signing the contract also serves to weigh up and avoid potential contractual risks.

The quality practiced in the Schumacher company is checked internally by the quality representative and / or his adviser. The quality requirements according to the IFS standard, each in the current version, are continuously checked after the first certification for founding a company and certified and confirmed by the german TÜV (Association for Technical Inspection).

Your food should reach consumers on time, fresh and in optimal condition. By strictly observing and checking the cold chain and guaranteeing the highest hygiene, we fulfill our performance promise. At the same time, you can also rely on the responsible actions of our employees. We conduct regular internal audits for occupational safety. These increase the security and personal responsibility of our employees.

We rely on the latest equipment in all areas of the company. And we are committed to reliable compliance with legal and internal regulations. A consistent own quality management and auditing system permanently ensures compliance with the guidelines.



Quality and security seal

  • IFS Logistic Standard
  • Self-control system according to HACCP


Certificate according to IFS Logistics 2024

Certificate according to IFS Logistics CSS 2024

Certificate according to IFS Logistics 2023

Certificate according to IFS Logistics CSS 2022

Certificate according to IFS Logistics 2023

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