Schumacher Lager & Logistik GmbH successfully certified according to IFS Logistics 2.3

We are pleased to announce that Schumacher Lager & Logistik GmbH has been successfully certified by TÜV Nord according to the standards of the International Featured Standards (IFS) Logistics. This recognition specifically applies to the storage, picking, and handling of packaged food in the refrigerated area, including dairy products, confectionery, and beverages. Additionally, certification has been obtained for the co-packing of confectionery, such as packing assortment boxes.

The IFS Logistics certification attests that Schumacher Lager & Logistik GmbH adheres to the highest quality and safety standards. The successful examination by TÜV Nord confirms that our company has established efficient processes and clear quality guidelines in the storage, picking, and handling of packaged food in the refrigerated area. Similarly, the certification of confectionery co-packing underscores the expertise and care invested in the processing and packaging of our products.

Our dedicated team has significantly contributed to the success of this certification by continuously implementing and improving the required standards. This award not only validates our past success but also motivates us to strive for further achievements in pursuit of the highest quality standards and customer satisfaction.

We express our gratitude to our customers, partners, and employees for their support and trust. The IFS Logistics certification is a commitment to our customers that Schumacher Lager & Logistik GmbH will continue to operate at the highest level in the future.

IFS Logistics certification

The annual certification according to IFS Logistics confirms our mission to provide our customers with high-quality and secure logistics services in the food sector. We take pride in having met the stringent requirements, thereby further strengthening our customers’ trust in our capabilities and quality assurance.

The certification was carried out by the independent and accredited certification body TÜV Nord, which has qualified auditors. The audit included comprehensive reviews in six chapters, including corporate responsibility, quality and product safety management system, resource management, service delivery, measurement, analysis and improvement, and product quality.”