The largest connected mobile shelving system in Europe*

*Efficient warehousing with the Jungheinrich mobile shelving system: successfully used by the Schumacher Group for over 10 years

For over a decade, the Schumacher Group has successfully used Jungheinrich’s mobile shelving system to optimize its warehousing and use the available space efficiently. This proven solution has established itself as a crucial element in the Schumacher Group’s warehousing strategy and offers a multitude of advantages. The long-standing partnership with Jungheinrich proves the reliability and effectiveness of this innovative storage solution.


With the completion of our new warehouse in Würselen and the corresponding installation and expansion of this efficient shelving system, Schumacher Lager & Logistik GmbH now has the largest contiguous Jungheinrich mobile shelving system in all of Europe.

Efficient use of space thanks to the mobile shelving system:

Aisles between shelving units are often the largest cause of space requirements in storage rooms. Mobile shelving technology allows us to minimize the aisles between shelves, resulting in significant space savings of up to 90%.

By pushing the shelves apart, a work aisle is only opened where it is currently needed. The technology behind it is movable shelves that are mounted on electrically powered bases. The control takes place centrally from the individual shelf or via remote control. We benefit from an extremely high level of space utilization, which allows us to make the best possible use of the available space and create additional storage space.

In addition to optimal use of space, we also benefit from significant energy savings. The compact design of the system reduces energy consumption and optimizes operational processes, which is particularly important for use in our temperature-controlled warehouses. These warehouses must meet strict energy efficiency requirements to ensure optimal storage conditions for temperature-sensitive goods such as food. Mobile racking system technology helps reduce energy consumption while creating more space for storage.


Versatile advantages for warehouse management:

  • Reducing energy and operating costs: Compact storage reduces energy consumption and optimizes operations, resulting in a reduction in overall costs.
  • Easy access to inventory: Thanks to the mobile racking system, quick access to every item is guaranteed, which increases warehouse efficiency and optimizes workflows.
  • Increased efficiency thanks to WMS connection: The shelf opens while the forklift approaches. Time-consuming search and correction trips are no longer necessary.


The successful use of Jungheinrich’s mobile racking system in our warehouses underlines its performance and versatility as a solution to the challenges of modern warehousing. The introduction more than 10 years ago already represented a significant step forward in the optimization of storage capacity and efficiency. Since then, competitiveness and customer satisfaction have been sustainably increased.