The Schumacher Group's bee project!

Blooming bee meadow: “A sustainable commitment to environmental protection and biodiversity”

The Schumacher Group is continuously committed to sustainability and environmental protection. As part of our commitment, we have decided to transform a previously unused property on the corner of Sankt Jobser Straße and Willy-Brand-Ring into a blooming bee meadow.

We are thrilled that the implementation of this project was planned and carried out by CBW (Caritas Betriebs- und Werkstätten GmbH) at the beginning of April. To complete the bee flower meadow, we also decided to adopt two beehives. The CBW, together with the beekeeper Guido Dondorf, is also supporting us with advice for this project and will accompany us over the next four years.

We firmly believe that the creation of this biotope not only helps promote biodiversity, but also makes a significant contribution to environmental protection.

On May 2nd the time had finally come and the bee colonies were able to move into our meadow. This step marks an important milestone in our efforts to actively contribute to the preservation of nature and protect the local environment.

We would like to thank CBW for their support and collaboration in making this project a reality and look forward to the positive impact our bee meadow will have on the environment and community.