IFS Logistics

is a standard for companies that offer logistics services such as transport and storage. IFS Logistics applies to both packaged and unpackaged food, but also to products that have to be stored under controlled conditions (e.g. meat, bread, milk, oil, etc.). No processing or primary packaging takes place for unpacked products. A combined audit with the IFS Broker standard is possible for companies that are also active as dealers.


IFS Logistics audits are carried out by qualified auditors from independent, accredited and approved certification bodies.


The requirements of IFS Logistics are divided into six chapters:

  • Corporate responsibility
  • Quality and product safety management system
  • Resource management
  • Performance
  • Measurements, analyzes, improvements
  • Product Defense

IFS Logistics certification

Thanks to our reliable and committed employees, we have been able to meet the requirements for certification according to IFS Logistics at a higher level; in the area of storage, repacking under a protective atmosphere / vacuum of nuts in big bags and storage of dried fruits in boxes.