Schumacher hygiene lock

Our hygiene lock is an important part of our successful hygiene concept.

The Schumacher hygiene lock is an indispensable and very important component of the Schumacher co-packing area and serves the purpose of avoiding the transfer of contamination into our production area; it is the basis of our personnel hygiene.

The basic equipment of our hygiene lock includes, among other things, sensor-controlled hand washing and hand disinfection devices, which only allow access by means of hand disinfection and personal control by fingerprint at turnstiles.


Schumacher employees usually go through the following steps in a hygiene lock:

  • putting on protective clothing; Gowns and hairnets
  • Picking up soap from a soap dispenser
  • Washing hands and, if necessary, forearms in a hand wash basin
  • Drying hands with disposable towels
  • Disinfecting dried hands
  • Entry through turnstiles



Turnstiles were installed for entrance control, which are only activated once hand cleaning and hand disinfection have been carried out. All devices for hand cleaning and hand disinfection are operated contactlessly via sensors.

There are lockers in the entrance area for the clean storage of reusable gowns. The Schumacher hygiene locks are also supplemented by dispensers for disposable items such as hairnets, beard protection or disposable gowns for visitors. ​